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Re: (TFT) Wiki page for rules

Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com> wrote:
No content yet, but the rough framework is up at 

Wow - that was fast, Joe! No need to credit me for the idea, but it is very honorable of you.

I was still thinking of choices for wiki software and free server spaces. What I learned is that WikiMedia software is what powers Wikipedia and it appears to be the most popular (because it is feature-rich and user-friendly?) wiki engine. Editing is done on "sections" as opposed to entire documents, even though you can create an entire document the first time. Many HTML-to-wiki tools I've seen support WikiMedia's "dialect" of wiki coding language.

http://bluwiki.com/ appears to be a good place to set up a free space, as they're using a very recent version of WikiMedia. I think the future of the web will be on hosted systems, as opposed to having to install/update/maintain servers and their software, although I mean no disrespect for Joe in offering up his server for a wiki. Keeping up with security patches and users of the server is work I'm no longer keen on doing.

I found a Wikipedia page that talks about current wiki farms:

As for Wikia.com, it is also interesting as a candidate space, but you have to request a space, providing evidence that there is a community and that it will be maintained. It seems that Wikia could be around for a long time, but it's hard to know about any of these services. 

I guess that backing up the data to your local disk is also a feature worth considering, but which I haven't yet looked into.
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