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(TFT) Two Weapon

I've been looking through AM and ITL and found an apparently contradiction. In AM, under "Left-Hand Weapons" (p.13) that a person without Two Weapon talent can attempt to fight with two weapons at -6DX. However, ITL, on page 14 under the Two Weapon talent, says that a figure cannot even attempt to fight with two regular weapons without the talent. Also, it's not clear to me whether or not the -4DX applies to using left-handed dagger/main-gauche or just to "regular weapons". It also states two different protection values for left-handed daggers. Here's how I distilled it:

1.Fighting with two weapons:
      a. If fighter without Two Weapon talent uses a main-gauche, or left handed dagger, in the off hand and another weapon in the main hand:
          i.If off-hand weapon is used as a shield, then -1DX
          ii. If used offensively as well, then attacks with both hands are at -4DX
       b. A fighter without Two Weapon talent cannot fight with two regular weapons effectively. He may try at -6DX to hit with either or both weapons and with no protective value.
       c. A fighter with Two Weapon talent, can use a main-gauche/left-handed dagger above without DX penalty. With regular weapons, he has no DX penalty for the first attack and -4DX penalty for the second attack. May also use for defensive purposes while attacking and getting two points of protection.

What do you think?
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