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(TFT) More on 8 hits

Along this same line of reasoning ...Has anyone thought about 
modifying the "if a figure takes 8 hits or more" rule?

Certainly this doesn't seem to apply well to halflings and other
small creatures.  In Melee (ie, no third attribute), a humans
attribute total is 24.  Since 8 is one-third of 24, I would suggest
that if any figure takes 1/3 or more of the total of their original
ST+DX score, they fall down.  This means that human Melee
figures would continue to fall down if they take 8 hits, but a 
halfling would fall down if they 20/3 = 7 points (depending on
if you want to round up or down)

Advancing this idea to Wizard and TFT, a figure would continue
to fall down on 1/3 of their original ST+DX score - so a figure 
with ST 8, DX 8, IQ 16 would fall down after taking 16/3 or 5 hits.
( you might also want to scale the "-2 DX on 5 hits" rule accordingly
as well )

On to more esoteric subjects ... suppose I have a ST 12, DX 12,
IQ 8 fighter.  If my fighter gets hit for 8 points of damage ( a 
significant smack ), should the fighter have to roll to remain
standing, as per a shield bash?  (no ST requirement, simply a 
3D6 roll vs DX)  One could argue that a hard enough hit is 
unbalancing and this should be represented somehow.  Or not.

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