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Re: (TFT) More on 8 hits

In a message dated 11/9/2006 2:35:58 PM Central Standard Time, 
dwtulloh61@cox.net writes:

> Along this same line of reasoning ...Has anyone thought about 
> modifying the "if a figure takes 8 hits or more" rule?

[Raises hand]

I divide standard-sized figures into 1/2 hex figures, 1 hex figures, and 
1-1/2 hex figures. The 1/2 hex figures are goblins etc - the undersized figures, 
the 1-hex figures are humans, orcs, elves, etc. and the 1-1/2 hex figures are 
lizardmen, gargoyles, (and also humans & orcs of unusually large size - the 
conanesque types.)

"Size in hexes" figures into the damage needed to knock a figure down, as 
well as various other calculations in my house rules. I use a slightly more 
complicated version than the BTB 8 hits or more rule, but using the 8 hits rule, 
then 1/2 hex figures would then need 4 hits to knock down, normal 1-hex figures 
would need 8 hits to knock down, and large 1-1/2 hex figures would need 12 
hits to knock down. 

My actual house rules look like this (Note that I don't use the "5 hits gives 
-2 Dx rule")

If an attack does 4 or more points of damage, after armor (or 8 or more 
points of damage, before armor) then either the attacker's player or the target's 
player may call for a "knockdown roll" in addition to the target taking damage. 
Roll 1 die: 

    Roll    Effect
    1-2     No Knockdown - target takes full damage and remains standing 
    3-4 Reduce damage by 2 points, and target drops to kneeling. (Target 
drops to prone if already kneeling.) 
    5-6 Reduce damage by 4 points, and target drops to prone. (Reduce damage 
by only 2 points if target already kneeling.)

For multi-hex targets, increase all the damage amounts in proportion: A 3-hex 
giant has to be hit for 12 points of damage for a roll on the knockdown 
table, and will take 6 points less damage if dropped to kneeling. 

If the attacker makes a "called" or "aimed" shot to a specific body location, 
then he may *choose* a result on the knockdown table, rather than rolling a 

Damage from certain attacks "count double toward knockdown." For these 
attacks, cut all the damage amounts in half: It takes only a 2 point hit to qualify 
a one-hex figure for a roll on the knockdown table, and knocking the figure 
down to kneeling will reduce damage by only 1 point. 

Erol K. Bayburt
Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow
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