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Re: (TFT) Ogre PC

Why don't we all meet somewhere centrally located in the middle of the country and play TFT all weekend. Forget these D&D players, really.

Seriously, If they want to streamline the combat system then get them to play something else. I left D&D back in 1978 for better gaming pastures after playing it for one year. We played RPG's using the RuneQuest system and I never returned to D&D. D&D always seemed to be power gaming at it's worst. I can't imagine using the TFT combat system to play it. You're a brave man for attempting it.

--David O. Miller

You're not the first to suggest that. I offered to "baptize" them and free them from the burden and slavery they have suffered under for years. It seems that the "pod people", or at least the Wizards of the Coast, got them.

They're good guys, although the other night they seemed like a bunch of old ladies. :-) They really want to streamline the combat but they are hooked on the detail and complexity of D&D character creation with all the bells and whistles. Thanks.

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