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Re: (TFT) Ambiguities related to forcing retreat (for wiki)

See below:

--- Todd Roseberry <paleryder1@verizon.net> wrote:
> > 1) what happens to the facings of either figures involved in a
> > retreat (attacker, attackee)?
> I would think it stays the same.

Keeping it simple, yes.

> > 2) what happens when more than one attacker can force a retreat
on the 
> > same figure? 
> I'm not sure how this would happend. Isn't the forced retreat done
> right away? 

No, it's not. Otherwise, it would not be possible to fulfill the
conditions of forcing retreat, i.e., the attacker must not have
received any hits that turn.

As a matter of fact, all actions are done first (step 4 of sequence
of play in Melee), then force retreats are done after (step 5 of
sequence of play in Melee).

> Since there's no simultaneous actions, you shouldn't be able
> to have 
> simultaneous forced retreats. If player 1 forces a retreat on
> player A, I 
> suppose a subsequent player who is in contact with A could attack
> him and 
> make him do another forced retreat. I see that the rule says that
> he forces 
> it at the "end of the turn". This word "turn" has caused a little
> confusion 
> in other areas. I would think it would necessarily mean after the
> target 
> struck as well. If it means after everyone has gone, then I see the

> confusion.

You got it. This is how I play and where I see the confusion.

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