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Re: (TFT) Ambiguities related to forcing retreat (for wiki)

See below.
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Subject: (TFT) Ambiguities related to forcing retreat (for wiki)

1) what happens to the facings of either figures involved in a forced retreat (attacker, attackee)?

I would think it stays the same.

2) what happens when more than one attacker can force a retreat on the same figure?

I'm not sure how this would happend. Isn't the forced retreat done right away? Since there's no simultaneous actions, you shouldn't be able to have simultaneous forced retreats. If player 1 forces a retreat on player A, I suppose a subsequent player who is in contact with A could attack him and make him do another forced retreat. I see that the rule says that he forces it at the "end of the turn". This word "turn" has caused a little confusion in other areas. I would think it would necessarily mean after the target struck as well. If it means after everyone has gone, then I see the confusion.

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