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(TFT) Ambiguities related to forcing retreat (for wiki)

Hi all,

During some deep thought on the rules during the ongoing development
of the online version of Melee in Java, I added yet another page to
the wiki
<http://tft.brainiac.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.ForcingRetreat> to
address what I consider incomplete rules regarding forcing retreat.
Around three years ago (to the week) I posted a similar question, but
didn't cover these bases: 

1) what happens to the facings of either figures involved in a forced
retreat (attacker, attackee)?

2) what happens when more than one attacker can force a retreat on
the same figure?


#2 is probably best resolved by saying a figure can only be retreated
once and the decision about who retreats can be taken by the team.

In the online version of the game, it's possible to have more than
two teams combating in an arena (a free for all). If two attackers
from different teams can force the same enemy to retreat, then there
needs to be a way to resolve this conflict deterministically. 

I have put some of my ideas as well as others from the list on the
wiki, but remember that the Wiki is open to all (who have the
password from Joe).

David Michael Grouchy II will see that his hypnotic hexes have been
fixed and look very nice :-)

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