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Re: (TFT) First attacks in HTH

That is pretty much how we did it too.  Entry into HTH is resolved(one 
die roll) immediately, either during movement (when attacker starts dis-
engaged) or as the attackers action (if he started engaged).  

If the attacker started engaged, entering HTH is his attack, if he did 
not then he can attack in HTH the turn he enters, in either case the 
defender gets his HTH roll, and gets his action that turn (often to 
draw a dagger).

I've never had the run-around question come up in relation to HTH, but 
it has come up with run-around melee attacks by unarmored elves with 
the running talent whose opponents moved first and foolishly moved into 
range.  As a result I've house-ruled that if you've only moved 1/2 your 
MA, and after everyone else has moved find yourself with a bad facing, 
you can change your facing as part of the defend option - it seems like 
a pretty defensive maneuver to me.  I think for HTH I'd just say you 
cannot run around another guy and enter HTH from behind.  Of course if 
you are faster (higher MA) than the other guy you can always enter HTH 
without getting behind him.

I like the UC treatment too.  Martial artists should be advantaged in 
HTH combat.

As much as the one die roll random HTH mechanic always seemed a 
little too random for me, I never came up with an alternative that was 
both more satisfying and simple enough for me.  Though I think Erol's 
suggestion might just do the trick for me


-- "Todd Roseberry" -------------- wrote:----------------------

IIRC, we always played that an attacker would move into the hex in 
order to 
initiate HTH. If the results of the defender's roll leaves the 
combatants in 
HTH (no 5 or 6) then the attacker would attack based on adjDX and the 
defender would also attack via adjDX. The move initiates the HTH unless 
countered by the defender; combat follows.
It sounds like most folks play it differently.

One thing we added to the rules gave UC talents influence over the 
defender's die roll similar to the way it is used in "pinning a foe". 
difference between UC talents allows the "winner" to modify the 
die as they choose.

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