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Re: (TFT) First attacks in HTH

On Fri, November 24, 2006 8:46 pm, Todd Roseberry wrote:
> When attacker moves one, shifts, etc..., as in AM, onto the enemy's hex
> with
> the intent of initiating HTH, does he get to "attack" the same turn in his
> action[?]

Players need to decide how to play. Melee says yes. AM doesn't mention
this attack.

> ... The move initiates the HTH unless
> countered by the defender; combat follows.
> It sounds like most folks play it differently.

Melee says it happens during movement only if the attacker starts
unengaged and can avoid moving through a foe's Front hex. Otherwise it
happens as an action in adjDX order during the combat phase. AM is less
clearly written but probably means the same thing.

Then we've been discussing, in spite of the rules, what might be the best
way to handle the perceived problem of the possibly odd/unfair tactic of
using MA alone to run around someone you start your move in front of, to
force him into HTH from the rear, taking advantage of the "it's my turn,
you can't do anything" phenomenon.

> One thing we added to the rules gave UC talents influence over the
> defender's die roll similar to the way it is used in "pinning a foe".  ...
> Your thoughts?

Sounds like a reasonable idea to me. I like that it gives another value to
UC talents, and takes the character into account (the unmodified HTH die
roll always seemed like a weak point to me). I like complex rules though -
I'd tend to throw in the kitchen sink - make it a 3-die roll taking into
account everything - DX, MA, UC, equipment, facing... but then, that's why
I liked GURPS. ;->

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