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Re: (TFT) First attacks in HTH

Yep. My original hard copy of plain Melee is the (c) 1979 edition, which
also has the watercolor dead gargoyle cover, and reads the same as your
quote except for the "nemy" typo which I assume is yours.

I think it's clear enough that all versions leave room for initiating HTH
during movement, but I think it's not very convincing or satisfying that
against a standing foe, it involves running around the foe's front hexes
and coming at the rear (a maneuver I don't believe would work unless the
foe was otherwise distracted - at least not so well that it should be
doable simply by the initiative roll and enough MA, without taking into
account the DX and MA of the victim). Also that it takes effect regardless
of DX and before a hand weapon attack would (and without giving a
higher-DX foe the chance he would get to turn and use a hand weapon
against someone running around him if the attacker were using a hand

Although it has no TFT rule precedent, I keep thinking of the GURPS rule
for "Runaround" attacks, which says that if a figure starts in the front
field of vision of a foe, and uses movement to run around to the enemy's
rear, that the attack should only be treated as coming from the side,
because the foe would be able to at least partly see it coming. I tend to
think the principle makes sense here - I can see TFT HTH initiation being
fine if the attacker starts out behind the target's field of vision, but
if he's running around to jump from the rear, I would think it would make
more sense to delay the attempt until the action phase.

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