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Re: (TFT) 300 (the film) and TFT?

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At 11:18 AM 3/21/2007, you wrote:

Speaking of inaccurate re-creations, I haven't seen the movie either but want
to.  The **critics** hate it, has anyone got any commentary on it?

I saw the movie and I thought it was fantastic. I don't give a diddly-squat if it is historically accurate or not. If I want historical accuracy, I'll watch the History channel not a movie based on a graphic novel. And who cares what the "critics" think. They wouldn't like TFT either. I feel very confident in stating that anyone interested in subscribing to this list will be blown away by The 300. In my opinion, it is flat f-----g awesome! See it today on the biggest screen you can find.

I liked it. It was stylized, but fewer liberties were taken with known historical fact than in typical Hollywood films (e.g., "Pearl Harbor"). Seems to me that most of the critics objected to the perceived *political* message(s), rather than the film per se. Casting the battle as a struggle beween eastern savages and enlightened westerners may offend political correctness, but it does accurately track the way the battle was portrayed by Herodotus et. al. And there *was* a profound moral difference between Xerxes' slave soldiers and Leonidas' army of free men who *chose* to fight to defend their homeland.

Hence the sneering tone of certain critics who are deeply uncomfortable with the idea that one culture might just be better than another.

In any case, I expect it to make lots of money. First, guys like it. Second, the girls in the theater seemed to like it as much as the guys, if not more. Film critics can do nothing against that...

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