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Re: (TFT) 300 (the film) and TFT?

Well, as a lawyer it warms my heart to discover a group even more hated: film
critics!  I was pretty sure going in that the pans of the film would be due to
the content, not the actual film!

>I liked it. It was stylized,

Nothing wrong with stylized, if the movie is good!

>but fewer liberties were taken with known
historical fact than in typical Hollywood films (e.g., "Pearl Harbor").

When "Pearl" came out, I hated it and went and bought an old copy of "Tora
Tora Tora": highly recommend it, even forty years later "Tora" is a good
movie!  (Pedantic by today's film conventions, but crammed with detail: the
filmmakers seemed to have been trying to film a lecture.)

>Leonidas' army of free men...

Did the film point out that the 300 were actually 300 free men plus 900 helots
who also fought and died? Quibbling.  You *know* I'm going to see this flick
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