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RE: (TFT) Exp

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> From: dwtulloh61@cox.net
> > ''. . . the medical techniques of 371 worlds made old age merely a
> > measure of experience.''
> >
> > ''Reptile Men, Elves, Giants, and Centaurs are very long-lived. 
> > Double all the above ages for them.''
> > -ITL page 32, AGING
> >
> > Comparing these two sentences I feel the answer presents itself 
> > rather clearly. The experience penalty of those races is offset 
> > by their long lives.  It would seem logical then, that a short 
> > lived race
> > would do the opposite.
TFT ITLpg 11
The EP system just given is geared to human and nearhuman
races. Obviously, it would not work at all for a dragon.
In the middle ground between humans and monsters are certain
races which START with great strength - such as Giants,
Centaurs, Gargoyles, and Reptile Men.
If you are playing a character of one of these races, it will
take you TWICE as many EP to add each new attribute point.
These are races which tend to learn and grow more slowly,
compensating for their initial advantage as beginning characters.
However, these four races also age only half as fast as
human and human-related characters - see AGING.

Reptile Men, Elves, Giants, and Centaurs are very longlived.
Double all the above ages for them. In other words, a
member of one of these races is not affected by age until he
reaches 100, and does not lose an attribute point every four
months until he is 160. Characters of these races are still
assumed to start at age 20; they are affected by youth potion
just like anyone else.

I repeat.
DO NOT mess with the Elves.
Live twice as long at the same Exp rate as humans and youth potions work the same as for humans.

Thank goodness SJ didn't define the elves gestation duration.

> I've always been bothered by this ... a long-lived race somehow
> learns slower?  Ugh.

With Giants/Dragons/multi-hex figures I think it's a matter of size. If all the points are equal across the board then of COURSE it's gonna take more exp for a 3 hex Giant or a 7 hex Dragon to get 1 relative pt of St/Dx... (IQ?).

Reptile brains may be an example of anthromorphism. Trying to apply human learning standards to diffrently structured neuro patterns.

> Clearly, the attempt was to try and avoid the possibility of a long-
> lived character attaining ultra-high attribute levels.  This is just
> another indication (to my mind) of how the TFT experience system
> is badly broken.

I think it suggests that idea of prefection David talked about. Kinda like "The Grand Master of Flowers".
If a rival dosn't get him, age will.
I don't mind characters achieveing ultra-high attribute levels.
Go right ahead.
First it's more responability than they might think ahla Bruce Almighty.
Second this age will pass.
Zeus is still master of Olympus but a GOD without menions is just sad.
TFT combat is SO deadly that it gets one used to the idea of loosing a character.

A mighty character is mighty in his age, maybe no so much out of it.

There's still stuff like time-travel, and of course Gates.

And Mnoren...
> Dan


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