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RE: (TFT) Exp

-- <dwtulloh61@cox.net> wrote:-----------------------
I've always been bothered by this ... a long-lived race somehow
learns slower?  Ugh.  

Clearly, the attempt was to try and avoid the possibility of a long-
lived character attaining ultra-high attribute levels.  This is just
another indication (to my mind) of how the TFT experience system
is badly broken.

It just strikes me as a simple game balance thing that they wrote a little color to describe.  The rule part is the double exp required, the fluff is the long lived discussion.

So DMGs exp extrapolation is based on fluff, and not a rule IMO.  SO I won'tbe adopting it (sorry David).

It is just a game balance thing to make munchkins pay for being a lizard man.  

If you start as a LM, like I did in my previous example, you start with 38 pts, natural armor (no dx penalty) big claws that double your unarmed damage and a tail weapon.  So naked you do 2 dice and stop 2, plushave the option attacking your rear hex.  You a killing machine.

So the idea is that the other guys progress faster.  If me and my starting human buddy both kill 22 joes in a battle, he gets 2 more attribute points, and I get nada.  So my relative advantage is sightly reduced.  By the time we are at about 45 attribute points he should be passing me (though I still keep my free armor and weapons).

Anyway, I don't see it as a fundamental statement on how XP works, or really a measure of how fast creatures learn, as I see it, it is just a minor munchkin balancing effect.

Which is not tosay that the fluff explanation makes sense, or even thatthe xp progression might not be improved somehow, just that they are only tangentially related to the underlying munchkin repellent.

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