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RE: (TFT) Exp

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> From: raito@raito.com
Neil Gilmore
> Quoting Jay Carlisle <selfinflicted_wounds@boardermail.com>:
> > If Downtime gets even moderatly complex you most assuradly will 
> > get "die-roll fests". However to keep things from getting outta 
> > hand I needed a limiting factor. Something to maintain some sort 
> > of focus/threat.
> If the players are enjoying it, and the game master is enjoying it, 
> it isn't out
> of hand. Neil Gilmore

Yes I agree, and entertainment is the key.
I hope I didn't give the impression of thinking there is something wrong with these kind of sessions.

I was more concerned with immersion issues and stuff to do with the timeline.

Okay Ultima is an example here.
A starting Character is very weak at the begining of the game and a player is likely to loose several Characters before one "takes".
Now this seems like no problem, but what about ageing?
If I'm keeping track of truns as the GM, why do I have to "re-set" just because your character died?
There are other characters here, must they begin anew every time you bite it? And you, mysteriously knowing about the poision neadle trap. What of my NPC's?
You ran around for 12 turns on the docks, not surendering your weapons, and now your dead, and no, we are not re-starting. Make a new character and he can come into the story at the next substitution.
So this Players future characters will NEVER have any experences at the dock. His First Figure came into the story later.
(the complications are obvious, I'm just trying to get the basic idea across here.)

So, this gives Player's a kind of "bragging" right in my game.
And makes it even more intresting for the Mnoren Death Game.


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