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(TFT) Jay needs to use FireFox II

I know, I know,

< sighs >

Is there no hope for me?

One outta 3 aint bad?

Or were your fingers so cramped after correcting IQ that you let that one slide?


I "DO" intend to tidy up after my self asap.
I'm still moving in!

I'm scrambeling trying to get ready for the first.
On top of that the "weather outsides been frightful".
I've got three cords of wood in my yard to be stacked.
And now I'm trying to pick up an IF "language".
I've been BLOGing the list just to catch my breath.
I'm PAINFULY aware that I'm letting a couple of things slip cause I've over-filled my plate. It's the right time of year to make that mistake.

I'll make it my new years resolution.

Jay will create more presentable materal in 2008!

Now of course you realise that growing up in south Louisiana this practically gives me a mandate in my mind to babble incessently until 11:59 in the P.M. on Dec 31st?
What do you think Mardi Gras is all about?

So there it is.

There might be some wacko post connected to nothing on the list before the year is done.

There's a method to the maddness.

Once it's up here...

I can raise the blade
I can make the change
I can re-arange me till I'm sane.

And before y'all start trying to lock doors and chuck keys,

If one other person tweaks or adds or otherwise plays around with any of my ideas, well then I'll be right there to finish this off.

It's like my S.E.T.I.

Can Jay comunicate with the rest of the Universe?

I'm probably more curious than anybody to see if it can happen.

I'm tired

Off to sleep.
To sleep per chance to dream.
A dream to some, a nightmare to others.

Shut Up Jay
Why do I keep having to tell you that?
And in front of your friends too...


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