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Re: (TFT) Jay needs to use FireFox II

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> From: "David Jackson" <azog@bellsouth.net>
> Which IF language are you trying to learn?  I found Inform to be  quite easy.
> David


Story World Authoring Tool

Chris Crawfords baby.

Eastern Front (1st scrolling wargame, unwinnable foe Germans)
Balance of Power "Anyone who plays this game without reading the manual is just wasteing their time."

I'm reading his Art of Computer Game Design now and OUCH!
Make it stop!

< sigh >

Even MORE study.
And where is my VonNewman and my Nash?

Also give up your notions about space.
Point to point corospondince via stages so the structure is in the story so to speak.
It's a client, and I've had trouble getting it up but that's because I was reading the documentation and didn't try to run with it before they'd done other builds.
Or something like that, don't know and can't do anything about it right now as me plates full.
Java used to be something that ran on their machine.
Was ist das .Yar?

It's NIFTY in possabilitys IMHO.


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