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Re: (TFT) Jay needs to use FireFox II

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> From: "Cris Fuhrman" <fuhrmanator@gmail.com>


I'm PROUD of my ignorance!

I'm BLOGing the list, NAIL me on the list!

There IS a method.

It's "open" development BBS style.

If SJ had been half a decade later the Space Gamer would probably have worked like this.

This is not ment as an excuse for my illegable work.

I use the critisim like a throughbread uses the whip.

Believe what you want about my rantings but I'm GOOD in person.

KNOW thyself.

Well I've spent alot of years beating up on myself for my shortcomings, and the good Lord knows their number.

Well I've got strengths to.

Happy Festivus


(I "SWEAR" 'Almost Famious' keeps running through my head;

"It's all happening")

{Damn it Jay needs to get FF II}


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