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Re: (TFT) THE LISTS funniest quotes

Hi Erol,

On Dec 28, 2007 9:59 PM, <ErolB1@aol.com> wrote:

> In a message dated 12/28/2007 1:44:58 PM Central Standard Time,
> fuhrmanator@gmail.com writes:
> > All I can say is that I never felt that the so-called lethality of TFT
> > affected our role playing more than it did in D&D. If you try to
> approach
> > TFT like D&D, that would be "bugsh*t crazy"...
> Very low level D&D has the same properties (problems, from my pov and the
> pov
> of like-minded gamers, usually expressed as "very low level characters are
> too brittle to be viable in play" or words to that effect.)

Agreed. I didn't get the right meaning when I said starting characters. I
meant more that if you're not used to how TFT combat works, you can get
yourself in trouble, even with a mid-level character.

Here's a different metaphor (in poker) to show that the "lethality" of TFT
is no worse than other games, as long as you take it into perspective. If I
am used to playing Texas Hold'em with fixed-limit raises, and then I go into
a no-limit raise table, I may find myself quickly with no chips. It may seem
brutal and I may not realize I have to fold a lot more hands before seeing
the flop or going all the way to the river card. It's all about
understanding the risks and how to win the game.

Also, why shouldn't it be a viable style of play to approch TFT like (mid to
> high level) D&D? Given that the players and GM both want to play it that
> way.
> It would require some house rule tweeks to make it play more smoothly in a
> high-combat, lower lethality style, but I shouldn't have to expect the
> Game
> Police to break down my door if I do.

House rules are fun. I probably said it before: our spell casters always
used ST batteries and there was even some revival spell possible in town if
someone really bought the farm. We used Chainmail-inspired rules for a
massive combat we once had.
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