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RE: (TFT) THE LISTS funniest quotes

> From: ErolB1@aol.com
> ... I have to say, however,
> that I was and am frustrated at my inability to get across what a profoundly
> alien style of play that you have and that most of the list seems to have.

> That I and many other gamers don't share that style and would find it

> profoundly un-fun.

   I appreciate that.  I don't feel we have had any trouble understanding you
position.  So why do you keep convincing us what it is?  You already have our
undivided attention.  Where is your series of programmed adventures showing us
some good adventures.  Where are your collection of stories showing the beauty
of this different style.  Where are your exhaustive rules analysis and tables
full of new spells.  I mean you have had the stage for over a year now.  Do
you need more time?

David Michael Grouchy II

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