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(TFT) THE LISTS worst flames

I never ment to cause rumbels on Olympus.


Combat is nasty in TFT specificly BECAUSE it deals with "Masters".


To play a character that HAS to go into combat to get any REAL exp pts is "as pointed out by Erol" bs Stupid!

The REAL '49er fortunes were made by the grocers and such, not so much by the panners.

Perhaps there is a synthesis here?

Maybe a character has more options?
Of course a "Trained Killer" would most likely "win" in a combat with a "Non-Trained Killer". 
I fail to see how "Trained Killer" is preferable to "trained administrator", or similar concepts.
I mean if there is Law in this area then you'd THINK admin would have SOME protection/recourse vs. killer.

heck I don't know, this never was my band.

I'd just like to 'sit in' from time to time.

Unless y'all are done with it?


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