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Re: (TFT) THE LISTS worst flames

Hi Jay,

On Dec 29, 2007 4:21 AM, Jay Carlisle <selfinflicted_wounds@boardermail.com>

> Maybe a character has more options?
> Of course a "Trained Killer" would most likely "win" in a combat with a
> "Non-Trained Killer".
> I fail to see how "Trained Killer" is preferable to "trained
> administrator", or similar concepts.
> I mean if there is Law in this area then you'd THINK admin would have SOME
> protection/recourse vs. killer.

It's an interesting point. If you ever played "The Sims" you'll know that it
works like how you describe.

But just as the cover of ITL shows no administrators commanding their
employees (LOL), a lot of people see the attraction to playing TFT/D&D/etc.
about kicking ass and taking names in fantasy combat/magic. On the other
hand, role-playing is definitely not part of basic Melee, so there has to be
some balance.

Did everyone read the 1980 letter from Howard Thompson about TFT? It's
pretty scathing, and slams the complexity of TFT. It's cool that brainiac
has this online: http://micro.brainiac.com/htletter.txt (original image:
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