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RE: (TFT) THE LISTS funniest quotes

     I can see right now that speaking with Erol is, was, and continues to be
a huge waste of my time.  They polymorpher is now all about everyone being
allowed their own perspective.  All evidence to the contrary.> From:

>  What I was hoping for and expecting was a mutual acknowledgement

>  that there is no One Right and True Way to play TFT, and that we

>  could agree to disagree wrt our respective preferences.

    Slamming someone is to use a method of retort that allows no room for
discussion or negotiation.  Calling a style of play ''bughsit crazy'' and
going further to say that one wouldn't play at all is a pretty clear case of
slamming down a position.  But, if we are to believe the paragraph above, Erol
has been nothing but the paragon of fairness.  The great statesman of our
times.  Well, I am both unimpressed with this polymorphers ability to
interpret themselves in a favorable light, just as I am certain they have
never actually understood what they were disagreeing with.
    So they have dispensed with ''the sound and the furry'' method of opinion
splattering, so what.  Still a complete failure to show one iota of
comprehension of the other points of view.  This person reminds me of a player
who starts chewing on the GM's ear before the game even begins in an attempt
to create advantage.

> Stage? I didn't think mailing lists worked that way. I though they were open
> to whoever wanted to post.

     Take this gem.  After reading it one has an emotional blush that says
''this guy is fair, he wants everyone to post.''  But consider, he doesn't
actually post material.  He just attacks the posts made by others.  This
person produces nothing, and has the ethics of a character assassin.
     And that is just the beginning.  I have been asking this person specific
questions for a very very long time now.  I have gotten an answer to exactly
zero of them.  Not one.  Excuses, self justification, and shifting the focus
onto something else.  Got tons of that.  But I can get that from small
     Now I'm a tolerant and benevolent individual.  But I have had enough of
the hot wind coming off this unenlightened individual.  They are neither
building boats, nor driving sails with that wind.   Arguing with this
frog-in-a-bucket is beneath me, and all it is doing is getting me damp.  Now
someone else should step up and educate them for me.  Almost anyone else on
this list is fully qualified to.

David Michael Grouchy II

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