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Re: (TFT) Rough and Ready Campaigns 3

--------- "Jay Carlisle wrote:--------------------------------
Okay, I am making tables for some of this stuff.
No one has to use my data, but wouldn't it have been nice to have them
instead of guesstimating?

Absolutely.  I just don't have the patience to do it up front.

-------------------More Jay--------------------------------
Please don't take this as an attack, but I'm going to ask you a few
questions about Manorhaven.

Okay, you know the economic output of Manorhaven.
This is lightyears ahead of most campaigns already.
So now let's get a bit more specific.

>If this region is generating cash, where, when, and how is new cash
>getting there?

It is a money sink at the moment, as a new dwarven fief, moslty it gets its subsidy from the Black Iron dwarves, and from the players.

>What is the regions Population.
>1000 acres isn't much 

It is a new settlement, so there are only a couple hundred settlers at the moment, and about 75 dwarvish administrators and soldiers.  And I agree about 1000 acres not being alot, but the guys are new landowners with a couple dozen tenants, not important nobles or anything, though they are starting to hobnob with some. 

>Where's the smithy getting iron from?

>From the dwarves.

>I assume from the discription that the region is peaceful, but how >far is the nearest enemey?

Manorhaven sits in the middle of the least developed region of the Duchy of Gran Fenwick (on the way toward the Dwarvish kingdom), so there is no large military threat nearby, just lots of minor wilderness threats.

>An obvious map affect is road building.
>Also, as Manorhaven grows it may spill over into other hexes.

That is the plan.  It is expected (by the local Count) to be a local anchor for population growth and settlement of the least developed area.  So civilization (and tax ratables) will expand.

As a banker, the economic stuff is all second nature to me, so I am very comfortable with making the calls as they come up.  Other aspects are not as easy for me.

And if a character dies, they would generally take over an NPC at around the party's attribute level.  It happened once in the last campaign, and The player was really happy with the result, since he wound up playing a character unlike those he normally makes.  naturally this might not work for every group. 

>I knew somebody that exactally this thing happend to.

Love the story.  That is the best.  That sort of thing should happen to everybody once in a while.

>I think that these "details" are easier to define from the start >rather than deal with them as they arise.

And that's cool.  Just not the way I go about things, I tend to leave everything to the last minute (just ask my poor wife).  Which is not to say I don't enjoy your stuff, and it may well inform future decisions in my game.  Though usually, if I want real world info I just ask the guys, my group includes a couple of doctors and engineers, an architect and a miedieval scholar, so usually somebody knows what I need.

I would have it do nothing special, just get them wet.  I love the clarity in Wizard.  The downside is the potential for industrial magic, the upside is these things are clear (IMO). Fire is a one hex effect that will set flamable things in the hex alight creating natural fires (and the natural fire may then spread), Shock sheild is a one hex spell, period.  

>I'm not trying to tell folks how to run their games.
>If it aint broke, don't fix it.
>If your guys go to War however, I'm not sure how "small" the scale >is.
< grins >

Me either.  Everyone runs the game as they see fit.  As to war, should it come up, I always intended to flesh out the TFT integration rules from Dragons Of the Underearth to let PCs be leader units, and expand the combat effects tables a little bit.  MAybe I'll bust them out and mock up a proposal to share with the list - you've inspired me, Jay, now I really want to work out a good conversion, even if I never use it.  See what you started.

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