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RE: (TFT) What happened to TFT

Just a quick thought here.

IMO a role playing game is a simulation of life.
One of the things that makes them so intresting is that you can take the simulation and place it in all sorts of wild settings with fansastic abilities.

This view sets up an RPG as a Metagame, that encompasses many smaller game sets.
Combat, Magic, equipment, economics, etc.

So, if combat is a sub-game of the larger RPG then why would a GM want to limit themselves to a singel system of combat?

TFT has two combat systems built in.

I have three for mass combat and am happily working on a fourth.

I'm useing Chris Nicholes' Focker Fodder as a base for a flying combat system, and even have some notes on underwater fighting.

In other words, as GM I get to set the method of resolution.

I think the more the better.
Pile it on.
I can always disreguard something new, or a mechanic I don't care for.


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