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Re: (TFT) SciFi TFT

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> From: "David O. Miller" 
> I'll be out at Gencon hanging out at the Dark City Games booth this 
> year and will have a ton of my terrain (including Void Station) 
> with me. Speaking of Gencon, if any of you plan on attending reply 
> back to the list. 

Aug this year Nicht War?
Be careful what you ask for.
I was susposed to go to a Con in LA last weekend, but some rotten weather over the last few months caused some damage that droped 2 of the 4 people going, and rather than double most of our expensies me and Ron decided to give it a pass.
Ergo, I might be able to make GenCon.
Are you sure you don't wanna re-word that to exclude me?
< big grin >


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