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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

------- "Ray Rangel"  wrote:----------------------------
For myself, I prefer that most battles occur in the players
imaginations and don't use maps and figures at all. 
For my part, when the GM says that a monster attacks me from the rear, there is no question about it. 
So, I guess what I'm saying is that
measurements don't have to be accurate when using Melee as an adjunct to TFT as a role playing game. That, I think, is completely different than Melee taken on its own as a board game.

Agreed.  You can run TFT using most of melee for combat without using hexes and figures.  It gives a Melee has a very different "feel" without a hex map is all.

I've run campaigns that way in the past, battles took place "in our heads", and it works fine, but different.  For one thing, there is a lot more asking the GM what is possible.

"Can I get behind the troll?"
"Can I target the Wizard with a Bow?"
"Is the Orc with the morningstar within whip range?"
"What is the range adjustment to throw my mace at their archer?"

None of those come up in Hexgrid Melee, the players know the answer and go do.  They don't even have to tell me what they are up to.  A PC may move his figure without telling me his intent is to get behind the troll, or to obtain line of sight on the wizard, etc.  Which is how I run things now.

In my experience it makes the job of the GM (me) easier, and that is a good thing.  It also, literally, lays everything out there on the table, so it makes everyone responsible for what goes on, and knowing what is going on, rather than making the GM responsible for telling everyone what is going on, in such a way the=at it is clear to all.  That might not be a big deal to all GMs, but it is to me.  I always felt that if the PCs got a whupping, or made robustly bad dedcisions, some of it may have been due to lack of communication on my part, which in turn generated an internal pressure to fudge the encounters if needed.  All that is gone now, as everything is moved and rolled right on the grid.

It seems to work better for me, but that does not mean it is better for everyone.

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