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Re: (TFT) SciFi TFT

Very nice! This is the way I like to play. I firmly believe the window dressing vastly improves the gaming experience. You did a beautiful job of creating the atmosphere on Void Station 57. I've played through this module and I can appreciate your effort. How did you create your computer terminals? Care to share or is it a trade secret? ;-) =====

Absolutely. Not only is window dressing fun for game play it's a blast to both collect and create. I know it's not for everyone, but if you've got even just a small amount of creative talent you should give hobby modeling a try. And it doesn't have to be that expensive nor, in this day of pre-painted figures, require large amounts of time going blind trying to paint those little figures.

There are games, of course, that do not lend themselves to using miniatures. Cthulhu is one that readily springs to mind (as Tim can attest). Since that game is all about mood I want the adventure to play out in the imagination of the player, not on the game board. That's a case (IMHO) where miniatures destroy the mood by putting the focus on the set up and not the story.

To answer your question the computer terminals are small blocks of wood picked up at Michael's Arts and Crafts for something like a $1 a bag. I made sure that, size wise, two of them placed together would fit on a Heroscape hex. The two blocks are covered and held together with black electrician's tape forming the bottom. The panels I created in Adobe Illustrator and are just rows of squares and circles line up. I printed these out and glued them to a sheet of matt board. Next I trimmed them out with an exacto knife. I made them a little larger than the two blocks of wood so that they would overhang the edges like a desk. The last step was to take a red marker and go around the edges, giving it a "Star Trek" kinda look. If you look closely at the photos on my site you can see all of this. They are not very pretty in extreme close up but good enough for gaming purposes. Perhaps someday I'll post a jpeg of the desktops for others to printout and use.

David O. Miller
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