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Re: (TFT) SciFi TFT

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> I firmly believe the 
> window dressing vastly improves the gaming experience. 

The good Lord knows I've been all over the map on this one.

As long time readers of this list know, I got started in RPG's in 1976.
The Old Man was buying his first miniatures army at a long gone hobby shop called The Historique in Baton Rouge, LA (happy Mardi Gras all!).

Jay wanted to play too.
Pops didn't figure the adults would want his "strange" kid hanging around, so I got an army of Skelatons, Chainmail, and first ed. D&D.
Fat lot of good THAT move did him, cause I was soon playing both.

The, what I used to call, adults, but have since learned better having joined the adult club, had me running for sodas, and McD's and the like at first.
Think the kid in Goodfellas, but with Chem E's instead of mobsters.
Then they found out I could paint.

Unlike things like writing, or game design, or life, I am good at painting.

in the mid-eighties I painted well over half the armies that came out of Baton Rouge, and painted the Norman Gisclair trophys (large scale figures) for the anchents group for years.

Boy did I get sick of painting. (fumes will kill ya)

I think it poorly affected my attitude twords "top of the table" gameing for a long time.

However, outta all the aingst came some insight.

Top of the table focus is GREAT.
It provides atmosphere and imerses the Players in the enviroment.
In TFT it's not required.

I will NOT participate in any game that REQUIRES large purchases of superflurious materials.

The anchents group in Baton Rouge, requires miniatures.
Whenever I've shown anyone how to miniature game over the last decade and a half, it's been with the cardboard bases.
That's a cute requirement from a group that's mainly composed of engineers from GP and Exxon.
It's been that way for over 30 years, and the only new players they get are other CEs that have the funds and time to drop on purchasing and painting an army.
Meanwhile, they've been playing at LSU all this time, but won't let the starving students play w/o an army.
IMO this is a little too far for astectics.

Another example.
I got roped into playing Magic for awhile way back in the early 90's.
A group of friends who wern't gamers got hooked on it.
Now bear in mind, I'm the kind that only get's to play Trival Pursuit when I meet new people, and even then I only get to play once or twice.
I don't mean to blow smoke up my own hindside here, but I've sat down at gameing tables more than once and been told by other players, "I don't care if I win this game or not, I'm playing to make Jay loose."
Shucks, I aught ta write THAT game, cause a hell of a lot of people would enjoy it.
Anyway, more than one person in that group invested money with the soul purpose of beating Jay.
I swear, I figure in at near a grand.
Now THAT'S a compliment, but I won't play like that.
They could have just given me $500 to loose all the time, but nobody asked me.
See what a lack of comunication gets you?


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