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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #983

UPDATE RE. TFT-JME yahoo group

 I've finished creating and uploading all of the core files for my
house-ruled/expanded edition of TFT. You can find them at http://
games.groups.yahoo.com/group/TFT-JME/.  If you haven't visited there,
the idea is to reproduce the original game (complete with SJ's
writing and most of the original content), but edit and re-organize
things so it is less confusing, tweek or add a few rules that I like
(e.g., the ability to parry; damage bonuses on charge; etc.), and,
most of all, expand the set of talents, jobs, monsters, and spells
available in the game.

 I've kicked off a couple of collaborative projects; submissions can
be uploaded to the yahoo group site in folders specifically set up
for that purpose. These projects include:

Foes: This book, with a planned size of ~50-60 pages, will compile
concise but
complete stat blocks and brief background information for non-player
characters that
belong to races that typically need a little fleshing out. There is
little purpose to
creating entries for gorillas, crocodiles, giant ants, etc.; the
Beastiary entries for these
creatures tell you more or less all you need to know (unless you have
a cool idea for a unique beast of this sort...). Rather, this volume
will focus on: Humans and other humanoids (organized by race and
'type'; e.g., Knights, Nobles, Mercenaries; Thugs; etc.); Trolls;
Dragons; Ghosts and other Spirits; Undead; anything else?
The model here, if you have seen it, is the Foes book published for
Runequest 2. A good entry should be complete but not confusingly
cluttered. The GM does not
want to know every possible DX modifier Booger the orc could have
with every combination
of his gear; he wants to know the DX modifier that generally applies
when booger fights
with whatever his favorite weapon is. Similarly, a clever name and a
sentence or two
of evocative text is a great way to add flavor to each entry, but
please avoid long, discursive essays.

101 Patrons: This book, with a planned size of ca. 30 pages, will
present 101
relatively detailed, unique NPCs who can serve as 'hooks' to draw
player characters into
adventures or to turn the course of an adventure. They are generally
important parts of a
campaign, not just more meat for the combat grinder. The inspiration
here is the book of
the same name made for Traveller (also the Runemasters book for
Runequest). The idea is
that you could leaf through the book, find an entry that catches your
fancy, and build an
adventure or series of adventures around one of these characters. Or,
perhaps insert one
of them into an existing campaign. It is also a chance to share with
others some of the
really cool NPCs (or even past PCs) from your own games. The basic
format for Patrons is the same as for a Foes entry, but the
expectation is that more detail will be provided regarding talents,
spells, possessions, etc. And, a space is provided where you should
describe the 'hook' (i.e., how this NPC might serve as a launching
point for an adventure).
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