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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Ray Rangel" 

> I don't take any of this give-and-take personally and hope no one else does
> either. It is beneficial to exchange views and to disagree with them. It's
> ok if you call the opinions I express bunk, foolish, or even stupid and
> silly. I realize that you are talking about the idea expressed and not me
> personally. I sincerely hope that you and other readers are of a similar
> mind set.
> Ray Rangel

I'm glad you said that Ray.
Sometimes I worry about "tone" issues.
Give and take like this helps "me" focus some of my more hazy concepts, and I really appreaciate the time and thought put into your posts.
It's always good to see things from other views.


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