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RE: (TFT) Sorting Things Out

Perhaps I am rather simplistic and I view the trilogy as a simple RPG, I
look at (Advanced) "Melee" and (Advanced) "Wizard" as the combat and magic
systems for the simple RPG that is described by "In the Labyrinth". ITL
provides the RPG-ish glue, like talents and GM instructions, that binds the
ITL and the two pocket games together.

Ray Rangel

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> But, I am not happy with C&C, and want to employ my old favorite.
> Finally, David's going to use TFT to roleplay.  But, I'm not sure
> where to start.
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> As I recall:
> >What is it that Advanced Wizard has, that Wizard doesn't?
> More spells (not all combat related).  Plus some wizard guild stuff,
> rules about spell books (spells can be cast directly from them if you
> have plenty of time and a wizards lab), rules for labs, potions, magic
> items, and creation rules for them.  And a bit about researching new
> spells and forgetting old ones.
> >What is it that Advanced Melee has, that Melee doesn't?
> Peculiar weapons (bola, whip, boomerang, spear thrower, etc), bracing
> rules for crossbows, cranking rules for crossbows, slightly different
> armor values, same mechanic for defend and dodge, fine weapons and
> armor, gunpowder weapons, some optional rules about dagger marksmanship
> and aimed attacks (arm, leg, head, etc).
> >And where does "In The Labyrinth" fit in?
> This is where talents for heros come from.  So not every 11/12/9 fighter
> with a shortsword is identical anymore.  Talentsa are where all the
> customization of characters comes from.  Plus it has a bunch of playable
> races, some creatures, rules for experience, and for jobs between
> adventures (which I almost never use, other than as an  economic
> reference for relative value purposes when making my own economic
> models).  More about gunpowder, rules for tunnelling (I love those
> rules) rules for healing and reaction roles in there too, as well as GM
> advice and stuff about the world of Cidri, and the Mnorens who built it
> and left.
> That's all I can recall off the top of my head, but I'll take a look to
> see what I may have left out.  The other thing of note, is that the AM,
> AW, and ITL are all pretty entertaining reads too.  Not always easy to
> reference in play (no index or anything) but a very easy read, with lots
> of fun color text IMO.
> >What does Dragons of Underearth have (or not have), that I might or
> might not) need?
> Pretty much nothing.  It has a bare bones AM, AW, and ITL, enough to run
> scenarios like the ones included, but it is not really an RPG at all.
> >And how do I mash it all together?
> Well that is sort of your job as the GM.
> What I tend to do is draw a little map, stick them in a little
> incorporated town as out of work young chaps, so they know each other,
> and have the seargeant of the guard offer them work looking into the
> reports of highwaymen accosting farmers bringing their goods to market
> along the north road.  Technically the Watch has no jurisdiction outside
> of the town proper, but they have a vested interest in the effectiveness
> of trade with the local farming communities.  Assuming they survive,
> they are now an adventuring party, with a good rep among the local law
> enforcement, and are likely to find the farm community relatively
> friendly too.
> Or whater other plot you want.  TFT is a simple and easy game, much like
> melee and wizard.
> john
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