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Re: (TFT) Sorting Things Out

Hi Dave!  I use TFT to run occasional campaigns for my kids.  We play a
pretty old-school game.  I find that, on the ground floor, In the
Labyrinth, with Melee and Wizard, are plenty.  ITL adds skills for
fighters, NPCs and monsters, and outdoor-scale info the the GM, plus how
to make success checks vs. DX, IQ, or ST for whatever needs to happen in
the game.  

To supplement ITL (which I felt was necessary) you get to pick from your
favorite old-school goodies.  My favorite is Bob Bledsaw's Wilderlands
campaign setting from Judges Guild.  But you might like to take material
from the first edition of Chivalry & Sorcery, or the Basic version of
D&D.  Or even Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play or Arduin, or Mekton's cook
character background tables.  You can find a cheap supply of wonderful
supplements on http://www.rpgnow.com as downloadable PDF's (and there
are always a few for free).  

I will leave it for someone else to offer opinions on AM and AV; I do
not use them much.  

David Peterson

> What is it that Advanced Wizard has, that Wizard doesn't?
> What is it that Advanced Melee has, that Melee doesn't?
> And where does "In The Labyrinth" fit in?
> What does Dragons of Underearth have (or not have), that I might (or  
> might not) need?
> And how do I mash it all together?
> Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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