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Re: (TFT) LOU/DOU hey, would ya look at that

---------- "David O. Miller"  wrote:-----------------------------
My mass combat rules are just a way to pull off large scale skirmish  
battles using TFT. It's scaled for 5 to 8 men squads. With that said  
it's a blast to play especially if you have 3 or more players.  

I see that, now that I've read them.  Just sort of organized the rules a little, and shaved off the fiddly bits (knock out, knock down, etc), toughened up the wizards, added a cool counter idea to track to-hit penalties, and off you go, with an easy reference ruleset.  

I think the limit of adding 1d to a charge attack is a good idea for this game, it has been discussed on this list alot over the years.  I like this result better than the 3hexes for a charge house-rule too.  Though I've always just used the rules as written, and never had a problem (my gang is rarely a problem with exploiting game balance issues in an RPG, they are just there to play, not to "win" - for example the party's scholar drew his daggers and leapt off a boat to enter HTH with a kracken after it grabbed a girl, because no one manhandles a lady in his presence, but I digress) but in a skirmish game, where the goal is to win, I could see the balace being an issue, and I like this solution for it.

Generally, when we go arena, we have 5 or 6 guys each run one character and see who comes out alive.  It's almost never me, I am always impatient for the killing to start so I engage right away - also I roll like crap all the time.
I am much better at running 15 hymenopterans overrunning the PC camp than I am a lone arena fighter.

I have to admit, the controlled chaos of 3 teams of 6 characters going at it, with summoning and fighting does sound very entertaiing.

Also, I love the production value.  Really nicely laid out and explained.  I think one of the reasons I play mostly as written, is that I am unwilling/unable to do something like that, so all of my house rules are delivered to the players verbally, as a result there are very few of them.


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