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(TFT) Sorting Things Out

Ok.  Here's how it all washes out:

I have, for many years now, been very content to use Wizard and Melee (plain old basic sets) for my "narrative wargaming". I have owned (but kept stored away) my copies of In The Labyrinth, Advanced Wizard, Advanced Melee, and a really ratty copy of the Codex. Now I find myself with a copy of Dragons of Underearth.

I have been using the Castles & Crusades rules to run a small weekly gaming session, with a huge focus on "old school adventure"; no thespians, no lofty notions, just good old fashioned conflict resolution and fantastic imagination.

But, I am not happy with C&C, and want to employ my old favorite. Finally, David's going to use TFT to roleplay. But, I'm not sure where to start.

What is it that Advanced Wizard has, that Wizard doesn't?

What is it that Advanced Melee has, that Melee doesn't?

And where does "In The Labyrinth" fit in?

What does Dragons of Underearth have (or not have), that I might (or might not) need?

And how do I mash it all together?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

David Jackson
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