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Re: (TFT) Sorting Things Out

---------- David Jackson  wrote:------------------------------
But, I am not happy with C&C, and want to employ my old favorite.   
Finally, David's going to use TFT to roleplay.  But, I'm not sure  
where to start.
As I recall:

>What is it that Advanced Wizard has, that Wizard doesn't?

More spells (not all combat related).  Plus some wizard guild stuff, rules about spell books (spells can be cast directly from them if you have plenty of time and a wizards lab), rules for labs, potions, magic items, and creation rules for them.  And a bit about researching new spells and forgetting old ones.

>What is it that Advanced Melee has, that Melee doesn't?

Peculiar weapons (bola, whip, boomerang, spear thrower, etc), bracing rules for crossbows, cranking rules for crossbows, slightly different armor values, same mechanic for defend and dodge, fine weapons and armor, gunpowder weapons, some optional rules about dagger marksmanship and aimed attacks (arm, leg, head, etc).

>And where does "In The Labyrinth" fit in?

This is where talents for heros come from.  So not every 11/12/9 fighter with a shortsword is identical anymore.  Talentsa are where all the customization of characters comes from.  Plus it has a bunch of playable races, some creatures, rules for experience, and for jobs between adventures (which I almost never use, other than as an  economic reference for relative value purposes when making my own economic models).  More about gunpowder, rules for tunnelling (I love those rules) rules for healing and reaction roles in there too, as well as GM advice and stuff about the world of Cidri, and the Mnorens who built it and left.

That's all I can recall off the top of my head, but I'll take a look to see what I may have left out.  The other thing of note, is that the AM, AW, and ITL are all pretty entertaining reads too.  Not always easy to reference in play (no index or anything) but a very easy read, with lots of fun color text IMO.

>What does Dragons of Underearth have (or not have), that I might or  
might not) need?

Pretty much nothing.  It has a bare bones AM, AW, and ITL, enough to run scenarios like the ones included, but it is not really an RPG at all.

>And how do I mash it all together?

Well that is sort of your job as the GM.  

What I tend to do is draw a little map, stick them in a little incorporated town as out of work young chaps, so they know each other, and have the seargeant of the guard offer them work looking into the reports of highwaymen accosting farmers bringing their goods to market along the north road.  Technically the Watch has no jurisdiction outside of the town proper, but they have a vested interest in the effectiveness of trade with the local farming communities.  Assuming they survive, they are now an adventuring party, with a good rep among the local law enforcement, and are likely to find the farm community relatively friendly too.

Or whater other plot you want.  TFT is a simple and easy game, much like melee and wizard.


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