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(TFT) week ?

As some of you may have noticed I've missed my weekly beratement sessions for the past several go-arounds.

With hardware issues causeing me to curse the curent state of things I got knocked on my bippy this week by a bad tooth.
The same day and age I was degrading probably gave me a couple more trips on round the Sun.

Anyhoo, till some of these LAN things get sorted I'll just suffice to drop a line or two under this thread as needed.

I've roughed up 'Gibal' (GiB Ball) as a working model for Statistics, Races, and constants like Hex and Damage.
I'll throw out the draft this weekend over the List.
That'll be Stat's, bottom end.
Also post pST list for materals, leading to Damage and Buildings.

How delightfully frustrating all this is.


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