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RE: (TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

> Yes, though personally, I would agree with Jay that games designed this
> way are removing the game from the story, because those elements are
> not
> interactive. The more constrained the possibilities, the less
> interaction
> and collaborative creation there is - the more it is just fixed
> storytelling and the less it is a game.

I guess that, in a large part, what makes an RPG a "game" for me is the role
playing and cooperation between the players.

Cooperation occurs in a campaign that places the PCs within the context of a
story with a plot or in an "open" type game where in the players exist
within a domain created by a setting and the players are allowed "run free"
having random encounters from time to time.

One might say that a campaign game is a novel with a plot that has a
beginning, middle, and end. While, on the other-hand, the continuous setting
game is more like an episodic short stories or periodicals. Star Wars vs.
Star Trek.

In any case, my experience has been that whether the game is a novella or
episodic, the story or setting is a vehicle for the game play, not an end
unto itself. On the other-hand, there are those GM's that delight in
creating universe after universe. Some have formed a sub-hobby of bolting on
various modifications their settings. However, that's the GM's hobby, not
necessarily shared by the players.
Ray Rangel
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