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(TFT) Time

Okay this is more of a test to see if I've got the laptop running.


June in the year of our Lord's grace 1440
(a nod to Ms. Frazers 'Dame Frevisse')
50deg n 
80deg w 

the 22 week of the year starts on the 3rd
length of day (LOD) 15h 24m
length of twilight 2h 25m
Moon in Virgo moving to Libra and starting first quarter

23 week starts on 10th
LOD 15h 32m
LOT 2h 30m
Moon in Sagittarius moving to the Goat and Full Moon

and blah blah blah, including sunrise/set, planets movements and stuff like the sun in Pisces on the 21st (Summer)

then there's the real gold

General Weather Predictions

1st - 3rd
unsettled spell
4th - 7th
fair time
8th - 11th
storm period

yada yada

in case you've not figured it, I'm useing a Farmers Almanac"
"Farmers Almanac, edited by Ray Geiger, Philom, for the year of our Lord 1979 Vol. 162" to be exact.

That's a BIG cheat! But what they don't know...
Anyway it's MY world and it's a quick and dirty fix that allows you to add a BUNCH of detail.
(I've got '79 through '08 but get spotty after '79 so for consistancy I start in '79 curently)

I keep track of time on a Timeline.
I use regester tape.
I used to mount it on a couple of old pencels in a shoebox but have since developed a model useing an old erector set and a couple of those "decrative" wooden boxes that chicks get their soaps and junk in.
I use 4 tapes.

So the tape that gets the most work is Days (ergo 2 boxes)
This is where I put my "notes" for an upcoming session
The Almanac data helps me determine "the Weather" when this becomes dramaticly important to the action/story/game.

Now if'n you wanna get REAL Calvinistic, you can just pull real data from an available source (look at gov. pubs. for weather service for a start) and fiat say THIS is the weather for that day.
If I put 'em somewhen on the US gulf coast, then I might pick a year with alot of huricanes just for jollies.

Another thing ya might have figured.
I'm just the sort of a-hole that yawns on purpose at my group to see whos sympathy I've got.
These guys are with me during everything but combat.
I've actually gotten taunted by some of the cocky ones!
"What man, are you TIRED? Come on and roll the dice!"

I'm SO PLEASED to be an outlet for your agressiveness.
You'll pardon me if I run MY world in such a way that violence begats violence.
Not that I require your pardon.
I think therefore I am only covers me.
Your own your own.

Jay is NOT QUALIFIED to conduct your therapy
I wanna eat some pretzles, drink some beer, and pass some time in an entertaining manner.

I'm trying to offer an "Earth Lite" from a 'scientific model' standpoint.
That is all.

By the by, there's the bonus of having a compact little history recorded on the tape.
This is helpful for stuff like Timetravel.
Historian Talent can "roll back" the tape or (w/Library) look at GMs larger Scale tape...

I'd just HATE it if I missed Large Scale drama like the rain on the 17th fouling the battelfield for the flying cannon on the 18th.

"Where's Grouchy?"


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