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(TFT) Riot, Revolt and Revolutions

Judas, Cassius, Brutus and Jay, frozen and torutured.
Do you think Lucifer will grow a fourth head?
Aw, how sweet!
Just for ME?

I'm not sure if there is a religion or any other group of humans on the face of this planet that dosn't have plans for my compleate and total damnation in the most horriable form possably imaginable.

Is there a Guniess catergory for going to hell in the largest number of difrent faiths?

So, I piss and moan about that because it's getting time to talk about a Population concept called "happiness" in the Civ type games.

I can either talk about it as religion, which is gonna piss off a bunch of people, or I can talk about it as politics, which is gonna piss of even MORE people.
So, when I piss you off I tell you, "Fear NOT!"
If the rest of the world has thier ruthers, even if your the member of a faith with basic compassion in it's theoloiges that have me earning redemption in the end, that won't save me  from some of the others out there like a few of the Chineese ones that suddenly spring too mind.
And in case you didn't notice, in the systems that have "levels" or other ranking systems for punishment they pretty much always put Jay in the very worst possable level.
So you've always got THAT going for you.


Also, since there's really no way to get around the subject of revolutions, I'll probably end up on a one way flight to Egypt.
Death'll shut you up QUICK!

Now what I'm asking here is what are the methods of controlling Populations?
I am VERY Machivellian on this point.
One of the main points of being a King is being able to focus the peoples Labour on Large Scale Actions.
However a King has responsabilites.
At it's simpelest, the people must eat.
"Let them eat cake" can get one in a bit of trouble, ney?
Eating is responsability numero uno.
So the Kings gotta keep 'em fed in return for control over those Large Scale Actions, is that all?
Oh no! That's simply the minimum.
My point here is that these are People, not numbers.
In general people expect more from life than just food.
Now alot of these factors have to do with cultural issues and cultural stuff is related to that Story discussion IMO.
In other words I can't speak on the Story someone else is trying to tell.
What I can say is that I believe there are several factors that are pretty much true across the board.
For example, I believe that a Population expects a Leader to maintain their Standard of Living.
Now I'd think that a well run Population would be willing to make sacrifices during times of need (Goblin raid) but a Leader who increasses Labour (longer workday, ignore holidays, etc.) simply to increass profits or speed the compleation of a Large Scale Action is gonna cause "Unhappiness".

Another thing is to keep them busy.
The latest stuff I've seen on the Pyramids was that the Labour class would work during the fload season in leiu of taxes.
Something like that anyway, basicly their telling me it wasn't an army of repressed slaves which was the picture when I was a kid.

Now there are a few suggestions that depend on the Technology available to a Prince.
A Prince should reside in a troubled province if comunications are slow, stuff like that.

So in general what I'm shooting for here is something like a Happiness formula that will allow me to calculate for Riot, Revolt and Revolution.

I would be intrested in any opinions on the relavent factors involved here.


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> Rick,
> I've been writing this same complaint for years.  It doesn't help.  
> Ironically this is the first digest I've read in months because of 
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