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Re: (TFT) Time

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> From: pvk
> Jay, one of these days, I should take all of your posts to this list in
> some form I can read someplace away from a desk, and kick back and digest
> the whole thing... or see how far I can get before something unpredictable
> happens to my state of mind.
> PvK


I really need to do that myself!

It's all so inter-related that it's hard for me to focus on singel aspects in words.

A very key concept with this is that I'm looking at Players as "observers" in the uncertainty sence.

If the world is set up like a model, then the Players are gonna bring ALOT of details outta where ever they go, but the world beyond their sences and equipment to detect is all still out there, just in a vague way which is still better than nothing but a void when even the GM dosn't know what's going on on the other side of the world.

If I get it right then a player can choose to try something like test the pesants to see if THEY possess any magical ability and should be sent to the Academy and end up telling a Luther type story just because of the tensions of the economy and power structure (i.e. society), not necessacerally because that's the ONLY story, just because that bit of the world is intresting to them.

Of course, some PLAYER breaks MY little social system and they'd better have something to replace it with, elseif it's anarchy and we either roll back an Age and basicly start from scratch, or roll foward an Age and start from the worst conditions.

Ages, by the by, are defined by large goals.
A "Stone Age" goal might be, 'Build First City'.
Where  tribes do this on the Campagin map determines where the Kingdoms of the 2nd Age are located.
That kinda thing.

I'm trying hard but this writing bit is not my bag and I'm not sure I could have picked a more complicated topic.


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