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(TFT) Re: Explosions.

Energy is energy no matter how you describe it.
If I set 1pt of damage as 100psi, I can convert that unit to heat, sound, etc.
It's the 100psi that I just kinda got arbitrary about.
But if we call 100psi = 1pt dam as normal "realworld" ahla 30pt ST limit then a high-power GM can boost accordingly.

Martin's point is important, though. Energy converts pretty linearly usually, *but* sometimes it exceeds thresholds. Small overpressure, the body stretches then stretches back, no real harm done. At some threshold, the body stretches, ruptures in many locations, and internally bleeds to death. Double the overpressure, maybe *much* more than double the long-term damage.

I second what PvK says; physics is phun! I commend it to all world-builders.
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