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 This spell was the result of a work related incident-- One night I had to go "BAD" and while waiting for someone to cover for me, I realized it was getting harder and harder to do my job. 
  Someone finally came, and yes I made it to the bathroom, and while I was recovering my IQ and DX, this spell idea came to mind. 
  IQ 10
P-P-DANCE(T/C):  A wizard with a twisted sense of humor must have been responsible for this spell.  The victim of this spell will really need to pee, this spell actually causes the victim's bladder to be really full, enough to even be painful.  However the spell also enhances the victims inhibitions about wetting ones self in front of others. [Note- this spell is ineffective against animals or any creature with an IQ<6, since they will just immediately pee.]  As we all know when you "gotta go", it ruins your concentration and your coordination. This spell affects chararcters proportionately to his/her IQ. [The higher the IQ, the harder it is to break the spell, because of percieved social stigma about controlling ones 'self'.] The effects of the spell is a reduced IQ and DX, until the victim saves vs IQ and allows himself to relieve himself. See chart below for effects and saves.  ST cost: 3
        Vic's IQ      IQ Penalty   DX Penalty      #Dice vs Adj IQ Save
        7-10              -2                     -3                                 3
      11-15              -4                     -3                                 4
      16-21              -6                     -4                                 5
      22-27              -8                     -4                                 6
      28 ++             -10                    -5                                 8
    When the victim does relieve himself it will create a wet hex. [Slippery if on a hard surface, or muddy if on dirt/sand and GM needs to use common sense to determine effects on terrain.] Also a giant will create a bigger puddle than a man, ie. 3 hexes instead of one.  [Note Dragonkind is also immune to this spell. Again GMs should determine which other races may not be affected or to what degree -- the above chart refers to men and similar races.]
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