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Re: (TFT) Energy decrease in explosions

---- pvk@oz.net wrote: 
> Exceeding a certain psi is a threshold for breaking into another 
> object, and is _akin_ to TFT armor stopping X points of damage 
> per attack, but total damage is going to be how much deformation 
> is done, which is more like total energy that reaches meaningful 
> parts of the target.

Except that a TFT figure doesn't have any "meaningful" part - you 
just beat up on the figure until you reduce his ST to zero. You could
play "meaningful" parts by adding in a critical hits methodology, but
then of course it isn't strict TFT any more.

> Distinctions involve things like the shape and nature of the 
> contacting objects - a level can multiply force, and a small striking 
> area can concentrate it on a small point, but a larger striker can 
> cause more widespread effect...

Another feature which the TFT combat model doesn't portray.
Blast or over-pressure would be more akin to a crushing type of
damage while shrapnel, etc would lend itself more towards
piercing damage.  Again, you could add these, but then it you
aren't playing TFT any more.

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