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Re: (TFT) Energy decrease in explosions

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> From: dwtulloh61

I hear you Dan.

The way I see it, it's all about abstraction for entertainments sake.

Basicly the players focus on the "exciting" parts of a Figures "life" and gloss over, or even ignore everything else.

This is not required by TFT, as a matter of fact, one of the stated goals was to produce a simple enough system of combat and spells, that the GM can spend his time making his gameworld more "realistic".

Also to cut down on arguments.
I tie as much as possable to realworld data because when I tell a Player to go check the Almanac, they can do the same.

I'm trying to at least point to the fact that many of these terms we take for granted, in fact ain't.
Even if you don't like tools I'm useing as a comunicative aid, we still need a clearer consinsus on issues like what you picture in your mind when I say "take 4 hits from the Witchdoctors Fireball".

I wonder how many pages "The Sand Reckoner" would be in modern notation?

If you've got ALOT to fit on a page....


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