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(TFT) Eight Bells

I REALLY love to watch the ponys run, and yesterday was the 134th run for the roses.
For anyone who didn't see it, they ran a Philly named Eight Bells.
There's a MONSTER 3yr old out there called Big Brown.
He was the HEAVY favorite all week (I believe he went off at 5 to 2, but I was too sick to finish the broadcast) and Miss Bells was @ 1 to 20, or a middle runner.
Brown won it going away.
Going away that is from every horse but Eight Bells.
He flat BLEW past he on the outside (the Jocks problem was holding the boy back from running, the animal wasn't even winded after the run) but when Bells saw that her will too win kicked in and she found a gear she'd never caught before.
The girl broke both her forelegs WHILE gaining ground, and wouldn't colapse until she crossed the finish.
They had to put her down imeadiatly.

THIS is why you kill a horse thief and can go right to sleep.
You didn't kill a PERSON, just a varmit.
The Horse is more of a Person, and that "Theft" is more of a kidnapping IMO.

I've been doing ALOT of stuff on Horses and how to define them.
I just HAD to point this out for those who missed it.
The term for this in horseracing is Heart and this is something I've been trying to include as a factor of a Horses IQ.

I am also trying to use this as an example of "equally matched" opponets, i.e. equal stats.
On the track the estimate is 1/5th second = 1 length (avg. Thoroughbred is 8.5' in length and gallop speeds exceed 50ft per second)

Horses also give a good example of personalised equipment, and also another example of Downtime in pointing out that all Thoroughbreds come from one of three Arabian Sires, Darley Arabian, Godolphin Barb, and Byerly Turk.

For any of you who are intrested in some wonderful reading, Laura Hillenbrand's "Seabiscuit an American Legend" is worth the time, and the personalities of these animals is what I'm trying to bring out.

If there's a Smartest/Strongest/Fastest/etc. man in the world, the same holds true for Horses and owning Shadowfax is a distenct advantage.
And what about poor old Bill?

So here's a toast!
To Eight Bells gentelmen!
May the tracks in Valhalla run smooth beneath her flying hoofs.

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