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(TFT) Junk

15,000 total population
1 in 300 are Wizards
50 Wizards total
1 in 50 aprnt.
300 aprnt. total
total magic of County in singal Fireball @ max dam (5pts per pt ST) ~ 16,000pts dam
350 man Unit size

70 counters @ 5 man per (leaders, partys)
10 wizards

35 counters @ 10 man per (Squad Leader)
5 wizards

14 counters @ 25 man per (Goblin)
2 wizards

Some general thoughts on Wargaming in Role-playing games.

A wargame as traditionaly presented is a Large Scale "View" of Large Scale Actions.

The Player is offered an encompassing "vission", or View, of an area (Hex Scale) large enough to see the entire Action as a kind of gestault.

The diffrence I'm trying to point out, inherient in Role-playing, is that RPG's imply POV, or a view of the world through the Figures own eyes.

In other words, I'd say that Napoleon, AS A Players Figure, does NOT get to see the Wargame Map of the second Waterloo.
The GM uses the Map as a tool to help him describe (Dino DeLaurentus style, [Jay's not worthy]) what the Player can see from Napoleons POV. 
After he gets up from his nap.
That kind of thing.

Info from areas that may be unseen by the comander can still come in from "dispatch" etc. but in general those engagements are handeled by a Basic CRT that I pull from C.F.s' Melee Combat Simulator.

I'm pretty sure I'm looking at my half-assed fudge to fix hammer.
Seeing as C.F. fixed it himself, I'll not bore you with questionable data.
The idea is a run of 99 heroes for 100 bouts each.
Group 'em by increments of 10% and assume mob type, man to man combat, i.e. not in Formation (a Unit Talent exacuted as an Order, which is a Large Scale Action)
The rest is pretty obvious to pull a basic, no frills, CRT.
The varaition seems to be about +/- 2.5% w/~0.1% draws.

Basicly an Order is an Action the Unit has trained to perform in unision.
In general this will either change the Units abilities (MA normal, in coloum, on road. Slower in skirmish line, phalanx, tustadio, etc.) or else it's a call for the Unit to inflict Damage.
Now, a subset of attack is having Units that learn specific Orders to increase "combat factors" like "attack or defense".
A Phalanx springs to mind as a basic example.
These Figures must work together to learn Talents, that they can then exacute upon Order.
This makes them Professional, or Regular or any other term for the idea.
The result of all, that thar larnin, is that some of those orders are specificly to amplify the effects of it's "attack" when consulting the CRT.
"attack" aplied against a Unit "attacks" the Units abilities to exacute Orders.

At this Scale, only a direct observer will see the small stuff.

Napoleon on his high ground, with his field glasses, still dosn't see the small scale stuff at the Wall.
You'd half to be a figure who was there, at the Wall, to see everything.
Napoleon lines them up, and holds 'em back until it's time to go.
Fix Bayonets! is the kind of Order that calls for Mr. Millers mass combat stuff.
You hear that Order and things are probably gonna go POV pretty quick.

Bromhead and Chard wern't on the mealbags now were they?

"We'll form a redoubt, about here"

As far from the mealbags, and as sheltered by the existing structures as possable.
THERE'S an officer that knows how to use an enlisted man.
(my fav was "Hitch,... Hitch! You're alive. I just saw you.")

It's my guess there's some strong race-memory of Rome.
THOSE were some GLORIOUS right bastards for Empire.
In THESE enlightend days, SURLY we must exceed the anchents.
Elseif how can we know that we're better than them?
They thought Sun goes around the earth.
What a bunch of silly gits.
And just never you mind Mr. Whitgenstine.
It dosn't matter WHAT the bloody sky would have looked like if it was, in fact, the case that the Sun went around the earth.
I know the Philosophers Song, so your not fooling anybody!
They are stupider than us and THAT prooves it!
Or it prooves vice versa?
It PROOVES that your a bleeding nut-case, that what all that PROOVES!


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