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(TFT) Fame fortune and Happiness

Parker Brothers classics.
Success Formulas.
Fortune, Fame, and Happiness.
Motivational information for NPCs.

For those who may not be farmaliar with this game the concept is pretty simple.
This is your standard board game where you pick a pawn, roll the dice and move.
Diffrent spaces award or penalize either money, fame or happiness.
Players choose a ratio between the three factors of 60pts at games start and the first Player to compleate their "formula" wins.

Money is a simple one to one corospondance but what about Fame and Happiness?
Are these quantifiable?
What would be the point?

What I'm looking for is a way of providing motivation for NPCs.

This is a very general way of noteing a given NPCs tendancies.
You can't get too wordy when useing those index cards.
Useing this data I can give a good idea of how to gage the NPCs Actions to other GMs that may "run" the area that the NPC is at.

How this works should be pretty obvious, an NPC with a low figure for Fortune, or who already has met their figure, is much less likely to be motivated by money (bribed, stay and fight for treasure, etc.) than if the situation was the reverse.

The question is how to define the factors and quantification.

Fortune = Money
Fame = Experince points
Happiness = ?

Fortune and Money are obvious.

Fame and Experince points is obvious to me but perhaps I'd best eludicate.
With a cealing on Populations, one of the deeper implications is the existance of people who are the best in the World (currently) at a given Talent or Stat.
This implies that Experince is strongly tied to reputation, or fame.
I even go so far as to allow much more experience for a combat fought in a colisium than for a fight in the middle of nowhere with no witnesses.

I use Happiness as a catch-all for what's left.
In a materalistic, consumer culture, for many people it's not about the money, it's about the stuff.
Fortune is about money for moneys sake.
Happiness may use money as a tool for aquasistion of "things" which makes them happy.
Of course happiness can also be about stuff like "praise" or even a simple Jay type hedonism.
So I put a note about what it is that makes them "Happy".
Usually just a word or two.

So, useing these as a kindda "note" another GM who finds themselves in control of an NPC can be somewhat consistant about the Figures Actions.

Please try to be more careful in the "future".


P.S. here.
I just got to see "No Country for Old Men".
Another glorious incarnation of Flagg.
Extreams are both simple and fun.
NPC Sugar (greatest killer in the world, circa 1980's)
"He's got some hard bark on 'em"
Fortune 0
Fame 0
Happiness (violence) 100

When a 20,20,20 described like that comes into your hand, it's hard to miss the creators point.

Oh and by the way,...

The dice got here the same way that I did.

The good Lord knows I love those boys.
Especally after they made that movie about me.
Awful nice of them to replace the gameing with bowling.
And the Scotch with Caucassions.
Jay's got a Fortune and Fame of 0 too.

Which brings us around to "When your sittin there, in your silk ulpostered chair" and Kentucy Derby day.
If you missed it, I've got a story...
But that's another post.

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