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So, Jay, busting out the LOU dicussion from February.  
let's see what we have.

-------- "Jay Carlisle"-----------------------------
I say that to address the 25 man company.

What I'd get for LOU?

Well based on the LOU hex (LH) being 8 (I used 9, to make it work) megahexes (MH) accross, assuming I count right, One LH has 61 MH in it, or 427 melee hexes (H).  So theoretically one could fit 427 characters in the LH at 1 character per H, using the melee rules.

Now the LOU rules are not designed for companies of 400 men - they are skirmish rules for small groups, where the morale bonus of a single leader makes a HUGE difference, and where a single sentry can make a stand (however hopeless) against a company in a narrow tunnel.  I am not sure that the rules, as written, would scale up to 400 people very well.  The whole moving through an occupied hex, and morale bonus, and whatnot would not really scale too well. 

------------------Jay says--------------------------------------
I'd say that from the "What's going on with my Figure in the big picture" standpoint (RPG), the questions to the player become things like, what Talents do you want to teach your Unit/s, and how do you want them to form and move.
Responses are gonna tend tword questions about man to weapon ratio controled, etc. but the gist of it all is that they build their own units.

See, that is something else from a scale perspective.  If I am suddenly leading 400 men, the fact that I have tactics, or alertness, or scholar, or courtly graces, or new followers, does not matter as much, because the unit is just too big for it to matter.  

I am just looking to add a leadership bonus for PCs to a small squad of NPCs, figure out what the CS bonus is for a couple of talents ro spells, and maybe tweak the resolution table a little.  Which is different from what you are looking to do in Goblin, where you want a totally scalable solution for everything.

Arguements are setteled on the Scale hex.
i.e. "Show me it works"

Well, once I figure out what I am doing (which may take a while since I have'nt done anything since Feb.  I'll Show you how it works, and share with the group.


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